There are many fears that come with age, but none are as prominent as the fear of moving into an assisted living facility. While many people have stereotyped assisted living facilities to be a sad, boring, and abusive environment, that could not be farther from the truth. So, whatshouldyou expect from assisted living?

Lately, there has been a huge shift in assisted living toward the consumer; a facility is no longer just a room and a nurse nearby. Instead, seniors can expect an abundance of amenities as well as activities on top of great medical attention. From beautician services and physical fitness classes, to gardening clubs and theater outings, assisted living facilities are there to keep your loved ones active, engaged, and safe. This is an opportunity for residents who may have had issues getting around on their own before to get out and about.

While the planned activities are a great part of assisted living, social and family events are also planned and encouraged for residents. No one wants to feel as though they’ve been abandoned by their family in a facility. It’s important for families to come and visit, not only to share their love and support of their senior, but also to make sure that the facility is a good fit for their loved one. While communities are constantly evolving to better their customer service, not every location will be a perfect fit for every individual.

Amenities and activities are great to keep a senior involved and moving, but that’s not the only thing you should expect from an assisted living facility. Communities also offer discrete and beneficial medical care. The staff will come to a resident’s home, on their own schedule, and provide them with treatment and empathy. Assisted living associates are also trained to help residents in their daily living activities. From bathing to feeding to getting around, an employee is there to help whenever needed. However, while seniors can expect assistance, they will be expected to do as much as they can on their own. An employee is there to help them, but not do it for them. This means that no resident needs to worry about losing their independence.

Not sure if an assisted living facility is right for you or your loved one? Don’t worry, there are alternative options that are worth researching. For example, board and care homes are an option. These are group living arrangements for individuals who can’t live on their own but don’t necessarily require the attention an assisted living facility would offer. Another option, if it is within budget, would be a private duty nurse. This is someone who would provide minimally invasive services in the patient’s home.
Everyone is different; find the option that works best for your loved one. We can help! Get in touch with our local Senior Living Consultants.