1. The Senior Care Continuum: Understanding Your Options

    There is a great chance that, with age, a majority of older adults will experience different aspects of our healthcare system. The healthcare system is one that can easily become daunting and confusing. In order help families and older adults better understand the disposition of different healthcare…Read More

  2. Communicating with Those Affected by Alzheimer’s or Dementia

    One of the most challenging aspects of diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s is that they affect communication. The loss of memories can cause extreme emotional stress, which is only exacerbated by social barriers that block out human contact when it’s needed most. Fortunately, there are some w…Read More

  3. Undiscovered Benefits for Senior Veterans

    Millions of elderly U.S. veterans are unaware that they qualify for benefits that could supplement their monthly incomes by hundreds of dollars. In fact, one study showed that 69 percent of senior-citizen veterans haven’t learned about benefits that could potentially make a huge difference in qual…Read More

  4. 8 Tips for Happy, Healthy Aging

    Aging is a beautiful (and inevitable) part of life. Enjoying your golden years comes down to two things: taking care of yourself physically and mentally, and living in the present. Here are some tips for living well at any age—after all; it’s just a number, right?   Don’t quit: Some peopl…Read More