‘Tis the season for a little spring cleaning! Love these tips from Sunrise Senior Living!
As the temperatures begin to rise and the days become longer, spring is in the air. This time of year beckons blooming flowers, chirping birds and a little cleaning. Consider these tips to refresh a senior living home this spring.

In the past, spring cleaning was used to scrub the muck from wood-burning stoves and candles that had been used all winter. Now, this time is for cleaning out closets, opening up windows and getting rid of extra items that you have accumulated but don’t really need. Though today’s process is different, the feeling of new beginnings remains. Keep these suggestions in mind to help you spruce up your loved one’s home:

1. Plan it

Too often people may begin a project without really planning it out, which can lead to chaos. Spring cleaning is the same way. Before you and a loved one get down to business, it’s important to create a schedule, Caregiver Stress suggested. Depending on how much you have to do, you may want to break up the cleaning into a few weekends, or you could do it all in one day. Regardless of how you break it up, developing an efficient schedule that everyone is on board with can make the process a lot easier.

2. Make a to-do list

Some assisted living homes may require a little cleaning, and others could need a lot. According to One Call Medical Alert, writing out a list of all the tasks that need to get done can make things go more smoothly. These duties may include taking expired food out of the fridge, organizing closets or just doing loads of laundry. There may also be certain jobs that involve keeping your loved one safe. Consider looking through your senior’s medicine cabinet, checking light bulbs and reducing tripping hazards to prevent any accidents from happening. It also may be time to install certain products designed to help seniors around the home, such as grab bars.

3. Consider all types of jobs

Spring cleaning doesn’t mean you just need to clean. It’s time for a complete assessment, involving health care and finances too. Address the areas that appear to be the most problematic first, whether it’s a cluttered bedroom or an unpaid pile of bills. Then take on more minor issues that aren’t as dire. Handling all the current worries can put you and your loved one at ease.

4. Recruit friends and family

Sometimes spring cleaning can’t be done with just two people. Contact any family members, neighbors or friends to see if they’re available and willing to help, Synergy Home Care advised. Having extra hands can make the process go more quickly and efficiently. If no one has the time, consider hiring professional cleaners or a few neighborhood teens.

5. Give your senior purpose

Not all spring cleaning tasks, such as lifting items, can be done by older adults. However, don’t keep them out of the process. Instead, ask them to complete duties that fit their needs. Jobs such as organizing shoes or sorting books are not too demanding and will give your loved ones a feeling of purpose. You should also ask their opinion when planning to throw out or give away items to make them feel involved and avoid conflict. As an added bonus, you’ll get more done in a shorter amount of time.

6. Look toward the future

Once all tasks are accomplished, try to set some ground rules for the future with your loved one. Discuss easy ways to pay bills on time, such as setting up automatic payments. You can also go over methods of organization or reminders to take medication. That way, you can ensure that your work will not go to waste in the future. It’ll also make next year’s spring cleaning session easier.
Source: Sunrise Senior Living