To Move or Not to Move

By Monica Flynn, San Diego Senior Living Consultant

When people buy a house, raise their kids there, and create a lifetime of memories in that place, those experiences are what truly creates a home. Most of the time, good memories (along with bad) create a space that makes us feel safe and secure.

As people age they look at their home as a place to live out their lives. At home is where most people hope they will die, long into their old age, god willing. This is known as aging in place. It is a wonderful idea, until it isn’t.

It is hard to imagine a time when living at home is not the best option for a senior. But often this plan remains in place. It remains even when the senior’s life circumstances may have changed, creating less than optimal conditions for them to stay at home.

Although any one change may not create a need for them to move, often a combination of conditions may indicate that a move is in order.  Here is a brief list of just some things to look out for:

  • Isolation –  This is a lack of interest or the inability to reach out and spend time with friends and family.
  • Inability to maintain their residence – This can include anything from the cleaning the home to the ability to keep it maintained and in a safe living condition.
  • Transportation issues – If a senior is unable or unwilling to arrange for transportation this can lead to poor nutrition (not going to the grocery), contribute to lack of medical care, and again contribute to their isolation.
  • Keeping financial obligations – If bills go unpaid because of neglect or memory issues, then the heat gets turned off, or phone service interrupted. This can create unintended financial woes for the senior.
  • Frequent target of elder abuse – Many seniors fall prey to phone scams or mailers that solicit money. This can indicate an inability to differentiate between a safe person and a fraud, and make them very vulnerable to repeated abuse.
  • Lack of personal hygiene – Just like their home, their personal hygiene needs to be maintained or health issues will continue to occur.
  • Depression – Depression is not a symptom of aging.  If a senior suffers from depression, the above points can all come home to roost, so this is a critical condition to address immediately.
  • Safe home environment – As people age, the home that once brought them so much joy, can become a daily hazard. Stairs, rugs, steep driveways, lack of walkways or access to sidewalks, lack of walk-in showers, no grab bars or supports to help them sit and stand. All of these factors can create an unsafe living environment and make a home ripe for a hazardous trip and fall.

Any one of the above points may be addressed individually, which may afford a senior the opportunity remain in their home. But multiples of these factors in combination (and if frequently occurring) point to warning signs. It may indicate that it’s time to consider a move.

A senior may move to the home of caring and willing family members, to senior living communities, or to assisted living facilities. Choosing a safer and sometimes more emotionally fulfilling environment can be a new and better place for a senior to call home. The good memories don’t have to stop just because the location has changed.

Once the decision has been made and it’s time for a move, there are many options for the next step. At A Right Place for Seniors San Diego, we help families navigate this process. We help determine a senior’s needs, and help you find the right facility based on your budget.

Our services are completely no-cost for families and for seniors, because we have partnerships with senior facilities and living communities. There are many senior care facilities in San Diego, and they are incredibly diverse. It is our pleasure and our passion to help seniors find the right place to live.

If you would like to learn more about our senior placement services in San Diego, take a look at our process on our website. Our contact info is available at A Right Place for Seniors – San Diego. Feel free to get in touch with us via phone or email.