Meet Our San Diego County Senior Living Consultants

Meet Mary Golden & Monica Flynn

Starting their own A Right Place for Senior’s placement agency seemed the perfect business partnership for Mary and Monica, blending their diverse talents, personal experiences, and passion for helping seniors and families. Their goal is to create a thoughtful, professional and empathetic experience for families to make the best placement choice possible for their loved one.

Mary Golden

Mary holds a Master’s degree in Healthcare Administration and a Bachelor’s degree in nutritional sciences. Her unique blend of executive experience includes 15 years as the Co-Founder and Executive Director of The Center for Health & Wellbeing, San Diego’s premier integrative medical practice, and 16 years of non-profit executive leadership with the YMCA’s of San Diego and Long Beach Counties. Her most recent experience as a program manager with LightBridge Hospice and Palliative Care and her personal experience helping care for both her parents through illness and their eventual deaths opened her eyes to the needs that families face when independence wanes with aging, chronic illness or a sudden shift in health status. A Right Place for Seniors became the perfect business for Mary, allowing her to use her skills and experience helping seniors transition their living arrangements with grace and dignity.

Monica Flynn

Monica worked for many years in the business world, primarily as a corporate executive in the security industry. Like many professionals, she encountered the later in life balancing act of managing her career while caring for her aging parents. After Monica’s father died she and her siblings were faced with the difficult task of caring remotely for their mother Marion, who suffers from dementia. The resulting years were fraught with challenges and adventures that Monica chose to share in a blog and then turned those writings into a book titled, Moments with Marion, A Witness to Dementia. As a result of her experiences through this process, Monica decided to leave the corporate world and develop A Right Place for Seniors to assist seniors and their loved ones on their journey into the next phase of their lives.

Moments with Marion

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