1. How To Pay for Assisted Living: Frequently Asked Questions

    We often help families who are struggling to find a great, local assisted living facility for their loved one. Fortunately, our senior housing consultants are experts at finding great facilities within your senior’s budget. These services always come at no cost. However, we understand that the pro…Read More

  2. Staying Active as You Age Part 2

    There are so many great reasons to stay active. Whether you’re interested in preventing a wide range of health concerns, getting a better night’s sleep or improving your day-to-day mood, exercise is a great place to start. Regular exercise is important for everyone, regardless of how old you are…Read More

  3. Staying Active as You Age

    Staying active as you age is beneficial in so many ways. According to the World Health Organization, we should all strive for at least 150 minutes of moderate to intense physical activity every single week. And, in our last blog series, we went over 10 of the biggest benefits of exercising for senio…Read More

  4. What You Need to Know about Memory Care

    There are many things anyone considering memory care for a loved one should know. In our last blog, we went over the early warning signs of dementia and stressed the importance of getting prompt care as early as possible in the disease. Although therapies and medications have been used to treat deme…Read More

  5. Your Guide to the Costs of Senior Care

    Cost is a major consideration in any decision about senior care. No matter where you live, where you come from or how much money you make, we all want the best possible care for our loved ones. But, the reality is that many senior care options can be expensive, particularly where long-term care is c…Read More

  6. The Advantages of Adult Day Health Care

    Have you considered adult day health care for yourself or a loved one? Adult day health care (ADHC) is a great option for anyone who needs assistance during the day, but who does not require 24-hour care. At these facilities, you or your loved one can be dropped off to receive care you need, and als…Read More

  7. Your Guide to Senior Care Options

    Don’t let the many senior care options overwhelm you. There are so many senior care options available to you that sorting through them all can quickly become overwhelming, especially if you’re new to the process. And, whether you’re looking for yourself or a loved one, it’s a big decision, a…Read More