1. Celebrate the holidays with seniors in assisted living communities

    We get a lot of questions when we help families find the perfect assisted living situation for their loved ones. Families want to know about care plans, staff qualifications, and safety. There are so many serious issues to consider, and we know how difficult it can be. Because of that, we wanted to …Read More

  2. How to Keep Your Brain Active after Retirement

    Prior to retirement, our brains are abuzz with activity. We are constantly thinking about our careers, managing daily chores and family life, and what is happening next. When we retire, it is an opportunity for us to finally relax and stop thinking so hard. Our to-do list gets shorter and the time f…Read More

  3. To Move or Not to Move

    To Move or Not to Move By Monica Flynn, San Diego Senior Living Consultant When people buy a house, raise their kids there, and create a lifetime of memories in that place, those experiences are what truly creates a home. Most of the time, good memories (along with bad) create a space that makes us …Read More

  4. Assisted Living: What Can You Expect?

    There are many fears that come with age, but none are as prominent as the fear of moving into an assisted living facility. While many people have stereotyped assisted living facilities to be a sad, boring, and abusive environment, that could not be farther from the truth. So, whatshouldyou expect fr…Read More