1. Preparing for Caring: With Age Comes Responsibility

    Perhaps you’re anticipating the moment when you find yourself taking extensive responsibility for your elderly parents. This role reversal, however clearly you see it coming, is almost always emotionally draining. It can also be physically and mentally exhausting, not to mention financially taxing…Read More

  2. Energy Alert: 6 Low Impact Exercises for Seniors

    One of the joys of getting older is that exercise gets easier. When we’re young, we may need to do vigorous activities to see a difference. But as we get older, even gentle, low-impact exercises can have an immediate impact on our well-being. Simply bringing your awareness to the way you move can …Read More

  3. The Senior Care Continuum: Understanding Your Options

    There is a great chance that, with age, a majority of older adults will experience different aspects of our healthcare system. The healthcare system is one that can easily become daunting and confusing. In order help families and older adults better understand the disposition of different healthcare…Read More