1. Keep soap bar in the stocking and knotted to the handle in shower. Easy to grab stocking if they drop soap.

2. Foam tubes to grip things better, silverware, toothbrushes, doorknobs.

3. Clip on napkin holder. Less humiliating than using a bib. Small alligators clips hold the napkin.

4. Silicone rubber bumps helps people see and feel what buttons they need to press.

5. Sugru. Moldable, rubbery substance makes materials easier to turn, grab and carry. Example jars, pill bottles.

6. Straw holder attached to cup with clothespin.

7. Clothes Hangers can be used in cool ways.

8. Shelf liners help with slipping on seating.

9. Make devices more user friendly for our older patients, get rid of buttons not needed, cover them up.

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